Jukka Rautakorpi Writes to the Olympic Committee

Jukka Rautakorpi Writes to the Olympic Committee

The esteemed and legendary hockey coach, Jukka Rautakorpi, who was let go from his previous role with JYP, has announced an exciting career move. He will be taking up a position with the Olympic Committee, marking a new chapter in his long and decorated career.

Jukka Rautakorpi, a highly respected figure in the world of hockey, has been selected for the interim role of top sports manager within the Finnish Olympic Committee. His contract is set to last through the remainder of the current calendar year.

The Olympic Committee made this announcement public on Thursday morning.

According to the official statement, “The Olympic Committee has been granted additional enhancement support from the Ministry of Education and Culture. This support is specifically intended to bolster and drive forward the top-level sports activities of the new Olympic sports, with a particular focus on preparations for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. The collaboration with the new Olympic sports will commence in February, and Rautakorvi has been assigned the responsibility of initiating and guiding the development project.”

The statement further reads, “Rautakorpi will also bring his own unique skills and contributions to the operation of team games and to the development of Finnish coaching expertise, working alongside sports and other top sports networks.”

Rautakorpi, who is sometimes referred to as the Iron Raven, has previously served in the Olympic Committee as the lead coach for ball sports in 2015–16.

Rautakorpi, who made significant contributions to Tappara for a considerable length of time, was dismissed from his position as the head coach of JYP in December. His tenure in Jyväskylä spanned a period of one and a half seasons.

Upon discussing his new role, Rautakorpi expressed, “I feel privileged to be returning to the Olympic Committee’s elite sports unit to influence the structures and contents of Finnish elite sports. My objective is to foster greater collaboration within the elite sports network and to enhance coaching expertise and sports management in Finland. The timing of this new role is optimal, as a wide network is just now beginning to construct a new strategic plan for sports.”