Kalki Koechlin Takes Action Against Disinformation on Israel-Hamas Conflict, Deletes X Account

Kalki Koechlin Takes Action Against Disinformation on Israel-Hamas Conflict, Deletes X Account

Actor Kalki Koechlin Deletes X Account Over Israel-Hamas War Disinformation

Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin has announced that she deleted her X account (formerly Twitter) due to the spread of disinformation and hate speech regarding the Israel-Hamas war. Koechlin took to Instagram to share a screenshot before deleting the application from her phone. In her post, she expressed her frustration with the hate, disinformation, and helplessness she encountered on the platform. However, what prompted her to draw a line was the denial or justification of the deaths and atrocities inflicted upon Palestinian children, as well as the denial or glorification of violence against Israeli women.

Koechlin’s decision garnered a significant response from internet users. Sayani Gupta, another actor known for her role in the Amazon Prime web series ‘Four More Shots Please!’, expressed her support for Koechlin’s decision and emphasized the lack of nuance and polarization on social media platforms. Gupta herself had quit Twitter nearly two years ago and described it as the best cleanse ever.

Many users praised Koechlin for speaking out in support of Palestine when other influential Bollywood celebrities remained silent. They commended her for using her fame, power, and success to advocate for a greater cause rather than solely satisfying personal ego.

In related news, Israeli intelligence officers have revealed that digital devices and documents seized from Hamas militants after the October 7 attack expose years of meticulous planning and a high level of readiness. The materials confiscated from deceased or captured Palestinian gunmen include detailed assault plans aimed at causing a significant shock to break the spirit of the people. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, GPS devices, GoPro cameras, maps, and notebooks contain evidence of extensive planning targeting military bases and kibbutzim.

Koechlin’s decision to delete her social media account highlights the growing concern over the spread of disinformation and hate speech on these platforms. It serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and ethical use of social media in disseminating information and fostering constructive dialogue.