Keen’V to Host New Musical Game on NRJ 12

Keen’V to Host New Musical Game on NRJ 12

Keen’V, known as a singer and influencer with a strong social media following, is set to start a new role as a television host. He is to begin filming next month for a new musical game show on NRJ 12. In the show, two teams of two contestants compete in different events with the aim of finding the correct song, with potential winnings of up to 10,000 euros each night.

The artist, who has previously tried his hand at radio hosting on NRJ, is expected to invite his industry colleagues as well as members of the public, for a daily broadcast in the first half of the year. Neither Keen’V nor the channel have provided a comment on this information.

The channel 12 aims to rejuvenate itself with this new show. After the successive departures of Matthieu Delormeau and Jean-Marc Morandini and the cancellation of its reality TV shows like “Les Anges” and “L’île des vérités”, NRJ 12 had become a hub for reruns of old programs and series from other channels. The only remaining shows were a few American sitcoms like “The Middle” and “Young Sheldon”, along with occasional music documentaries or comedy shows presented by Bruno Robles.

As Arcom is about to renew several TNT frequencies, Jean-Paul Baudecroux’s group plans to revitalize its first television channel. To this end, last summer, the founder of the audiovisual group promoted Céline Chanat to the position of deputy general director in charge of content and TV antennas. This promotion came after Chanat had worked on the group’s channels for over eight years, having started her career at TF 1, on the programming of TMC and NT 1.

The main objective is to regain the audiences of NRJ 12, which only managed to secure a 1.0% market share in 2023, losing 0.1 points over one year and ranking as the 22nd national channel. This is a far cry from the early 2000s when channel 12 consistently exceeded the 2% audience mark, propelled by the success of magazines like “Tellement vérité” or “Crimes” and its flagship reality show “Les Anges”.