Lotus Speculoos Biscuit Ranks as Fifth Most Popular Globally

Lotus Speculoos Biscuit Ranks as Fifth Most Popular Globally

For the first time ever, Biscoff, the beloved cookie brand, has made it to the top 5 most popular cookies, based on worldwide supermarket sales figures. The first position is held by the iconic Oreo cookie, a product of the American multinational company, Mondelez. Interestingly, the second spot also belongs to Mondelez, with its lesser-known cookie, Chips Ahoy!.

The CEO of Biscoff, Jan Boone, has expressed his ambition to ultimately see Biscoff in the top 3. However, he acknowledges that achieving this goal would require patience and effort. He admits that moving up to fourth place in itself would necessitate a doubling of their efforts.

A Billion Euros in Turnover

In 2023, Lotus, the company that produces Biscoff, recorded a turnover of one billion euros for the first time. Half of this amount, 500 million euros, was brought in by Biscoff. These earnings include not only the sales of the Biscoff cookies but also the sales of speculoos spread and speculoos ice cream.

The majority of Lotus’s speculoos cookies are sold in the United States, with the American market accounting for a quarter of Biscoff’s total sales. For the first time, Lotus has achieved a market penetration of 5 percent in the US, meaning that 5 percent of American households have a Lotus speculoos cookie in their cupboard. Boone proudly states that Lotus products are available on the shelves of 80 percent of all US supermarkets.

All of these speculoos cookies are produced in two factories located in Lembeke and the United States. Lotus is also planning to open a third factory in Thailand by 2026.