Luis Enrique Asserts that the Future Does Not Exist, Only Our Future is Brest

Luis Enrique Asserts that the Future Does Not Exist, Only Our Future is Brest

This week marks a crucial phase for the Paris Saint-Germain season. Starting Wednesday, the club will play three essential matches within a week, all at the Parc des Princes. The series kicks off with a match against Brest in the Coupe de France and concludes with the reception of Real Sociedad. Ahead of these games, PSG coach Luis Enrique spoke to the press at a conference held at the PSG Campus in Poissy.

When asked about the previous match against Brest in Ligue 1, Enrique stated that his team needs to improve in certain aspects. He acknowledged the challenges of playing against Brest, a team that defends well and is tough to press. He emphasized the need for his team to perform better, both with and without the ball.

Enrique also discussed the different qualities required for Cup matches as compared to regular championship games. He stated that while consistency is key in the championship, every match in the Cup is a final wherein a single bad performance can lead to elimination. However, he expressed confidence in his team’s capabilities and potential for success.

On the subject of Ligue 1’s competitiveness in preparing PSG for the Champions League, Enrique expressed satisfaction with the team’s progress. He acknowledged room for improvement but also highlighted their current standing as league leaders. He also praised the quality of their opponents and expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance.

Enrique described the upcoming match against Brest as a ‘final’ and stressed its importance in setting a positive trajectory for the subsequent matches against Lille and Real Sociedad. He emphasized the team’s determination to win and succeed in the competition.

When asked about players hiring individual physical trainers, Enrique saw this as a positive and professional behavior, as long as there is good coordination. He noted that many players have personal chefs and other wellness resources, all of which contribute to their professional development.

Enrique also shared his views on the team’s ball possession and scoring chances, stating that they are stronger when they have the ball. He affirmed his team’s style of play, emphasizing that they generate many scoring chances and concede few.

Addressing the topic of pass completion and launching pads, Enrique stated that the players who touch the ball the most are often the central defenders. He expressed satisfaction with the team’s playing style, which he believes is continually evolving.

On the matter of distance traveled during matches, Enrique stated that his teams play possession to make the opponents run. He pointed out that his teams run more after the ball rather than when they pass it around.

In response to a query about managing player fitness ahead of Champions League matches, Enrique stated that he would not field a player who is not 100% fit. He emphasized that the team is solely focused on its match against Brest and not thinking about future games.