Major Fire in Erzgebirge Injures Three People in Zschorlau

Major Fire in Erzgebirge Injures Three People in Zschorlau

In the small town of Zschorlau in Saxony, Germany, a horrific fire broke out. The incident, which has been described as a ‘Flame Inferno’, occurred in a wooden house, leading to several injuries, including one firefighter who was part of the rescue operation.

The fire incident took place on a Thursday night, precisely at 11:33 p.m. Several fire departments in the region were alerted and dispatched to the scene of the incident, located on Eibenstocker Straße in Zschorlau in the Ore Mountains.

Upon arrival at the scene, the emergency services were met with an alarming sight. Meter-high flames were already shooting out of the house’s windows. The turntable ladder was immediately extended to facilitate the evacuation. Four residents were successfully evacuated from the burning building.

Initial reports suggest that the source of the fire may have been the fuse box located in the house. Once ignited, the fire spread rapidly across the house, starting from the ground floor and reaching the roof within just a few minutes.

The firefighters faced a significant challenge in controlling the fire and preventing it from spreading to neighbouring buildings and barns, where straw was stored. The fire brigades had to use a substantial amount of water to combat the fire, leading to the use of several hydrants, sourcing water from a nearby stream, and even transporting water to the site using a tanker shuttle.

The severity of the fire was amplified due to the house’s construction materials. Being mostly made of wood, the house fuelled the fire, which gradually destroyed the roof and gable.

As a result of the fire, three people were injured and had to be transported to a hospital for treatment. Among the injured was a firefighter who slipped and fell due to the icy road conditions at the start of the operation. Additionally, two of the house residents had to be treated for suspected smoke inhalation.

The fire-fighting operation continued up until Thursday morning. For the time being, Eibenstocker Straße remains closed. The Criminal Investigation Department began investigations into the incident that same night. A fire investigator is also expected to assess the scene.