Margot Robbie gifted Ryan Gosling daily during Barbie shoot, reports Variety

Margot Robbie gifted Ryan Gosling daily during Barbie shoot, reports Variety

Renowned actor Ryan Gosling was not initially inclined to take up the role of Ken in the Barbie movie. In a recent discussion with the American publication, Variety, Gosling revealed his initial hesitations and the process that led him to eventually accept the role.

According to Gosling, there were several factors that made him unsure about taking up the role. He had existing scheduling commitments and was also uncertain about his suitability for the part of a male doll. Despite these concerns, Greta Gerwig, the director and writer of the movie, had him in mind for the role from the start.

Gosling explained that there were legitimate challenges preventing him from accepting the role initially. He stated, “There were very real reasons why I couldn’t have made this film. Schedule things, life things. I called my agents and others months later and asked who was cast as Ken. They said, ‘Greta says it’s you.'” This clearly shows how determined Gerwig was to get Gosling on board.

In her discussion with Variety, Gerwig also acknowledged the issues Gosling faced. She said, “His there were challenges with his schedule, but I knew I had to get him involved.”

In addition to Gerwig, Margot Robbie, who played Barbie and also produced the film, was adamant about Gosling being the perfect fit for the role of Ken. Robbie explained, “He really refused. We just couldn’t allow it. There were no other options.” She remembers how she and Gerwig worked together to convince Gosling to take up the part.

Gosling gradually started considering the idea. After several months, he finally agreed to play Ken and was completely dedicated to the role. He confessed that it was the most challenging role of his career. He said, “I thought I can’t screw this up. I can’t be the guy who messed up Barbie – the movie. If I do this, I have to give my all and more.”

To encourage Gosling, Robbie promised to give him a gift every day of the shoot if he accepted the role. These gifts, while modest, were often related to Ken’s character. Items like seashells and a horse book were gifted, wrapped in pink paper and left in his trailer with a note saying: “To Ken.”

Gosling’s performance in the movie was highly appreciated. He received an Oscar nomination for the Best Supporting Actor. The song he performed in the movie, “I’m Just Ken,” has also been nominated for the Best Song Award.

The movie Barbie received a total of eight Oscar nominations, making it the fourth most-nominated film last year. The Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on March 10.