Mashina Vremeni Co-Founder and First Drummer, Yuri Borzov, Passes Away

Mashina Vremeni Co-Founder and First Drummer, Yuri Borzov, Passes Away

Yuri Borzov, one of the founding figures of the influential musical group “Time Machine” and its original drummer, has sadly passed away in Moscow at the age of 70. The announcement of his death was made by fellow band member Andrei Makarevich.

In a heartfelt tribute posted on Facebook, Makarevich wrote, “Yuri Ivanovich Borzov left us for a better world. Fifty-six years ago, we were just ninth graders when we came up with the concept of “Time Machine”, and he stepped into the role of our first drummer. Yura was an incredible individual, not just in terms of his talent but also his personality. Everything he did, whether it was drawing, architecture, or storytelling, was done with exceptional beauty.”

Borzov was instrumental in shaping the identity of the band. He was not only responsible for suggesting the name “Time Machines”, but also contributed significantly to the recording of the band’s debut album. He is attributed with coining the phrase “freelance commander of the Earth”, which subsequently became the title of another “Time Machines” album.

In addition to his musical prowess, Borzov was a talented graphic artist and architect. His creative contributions were recognized in 1988 when he was awarded a prize at the international competition “Image of the Bridge of the Future”, held in Japan.

Outside of his artistic endeavors, Borzov was deeply committed to remembering the sacrifices of World War II soldiers. Since 1985, he dedicated himself to the search and reburial of these fallen heroes.