Mexican Congress Organizes Second UFO Session with Peruvian Mummies as Main Focus

Mexican Congress Organizes Second UFO Session with Peruvian Mummies as Main Focus

A group of researchers in Mexico’s Congress have declared a set of three-fingered Peruvian mummies as authentic, suggesting that they could be evidence of non-human life forms. However, they have not certified that the remains are extraterrestrial. The researchers heard from Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan, who presented two specimens at a congressional event on UFOs. Maussan claimed that the bodies, allegedly found near Peru’s ancient Nazca lines, were not related to any life on Earth.

During the recent session in Congress, Maussan focused on proving that the bodies were not fake. He brought in several doctors who all confirmed that the mummies were once-living organisms. However, he acknowledged that their origin remains uncertain. While the scientists did not claim that the study results proved the mummies were extraterrestrials, Maussan suggested that they could be evidence of non-Earthly life forms.

Anthropologist Roger Zuniga from San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, stated that researchers had studied five similar specimens over four years. Zuniga affirmed that the mummies were real and that there was no human intervention in their formation. However, he admitted to not knowing the beings’ origin. Zuniga presented a letter signed by 11 researchers from the university, affirming the authenticity of the mummies without implying their extraterrestrial nature.

It is worth noting that Maussan’s initial presentation was criticized by many experts who dismissed it as a stunt debunked by the scientific community. These experts pointed to studies on similar remains that concluded the specimens were modified using animal and human bones. Zuniga acknowledged that those studies were likely referring to fake specimens, but emphasized that the bodies he and the other university researchers examined were genuine.

Congressman Sergio Gutierrez, a member of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s ruling Morena party, called for a reform to Mexico’s law to ensure the public disclosure of all information related to UFOs. The congressional session occasionally delved into more extreme explanations, including Argentine surgeon Celestino Adolfo Piotto’s belief that the mummies are an evolved version of modern humans, referring to them as “our descendants.” Mexican rapper Claudio Yarto also claimed to have personally witnessed UFOs, ending his speech with a rhyme that garnered applause from the audience.

While the researchers assert the authenticity of the three-fingered Peruvian mummies, the debate over their origin and connection to extraterrestrial life continues.