Microsoft Pilots a Feature to Explain Document Content in Notepad with Copilot AI

Microsoft Pilots a Feature to Explain Document Content in Notepad with Copilot AI

Microsoft’s Latest AI Feature ‘Explain with Copilot’ for Notepad

Microsoft has recently introduced a revolutionary new feature called ‘Explain with Copilot’ in Notepad for Windows Insiders. This innovative feature, supported by Copilot AI, provides users with detailed explanations of any selected content within a document.

As an industry leader, the American multinational technology company is perpetually striving to enhance user experiences. Specifically, Microsoft is focusing on integrating new features driven by its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This includes its AI-powered assistant, Copilot AI, which recently celebrated its first anniversary.

In line with its commitment to innovation, Microsoft has begun testing the new ‘Explain with Copilot’ feature in its Windows Notepad application. This feature allows users to highlight any part of a document, and then with the assistance of the AI assistant, users can receive a detailed explanation relating to the selected content.

The technology giant shared details about this latest update in a blog post. The update pertains to the Windows Notepad version 11.2401.25.0, which is now available on the Canary and Dev channels for Windows Insiders.

Microsoft further explained that the ‘Explain with Copilot’ feature is specifically designed to aid users in rapidly comprehending the contents of their text files. Thus, users can request explanations for any content, whether it’s plain text, log files, or even snippets of code.

To utilize this function, users need to highlight the desired section of the text and then right-click. Following that, users must select ‘Explain with Copilot’ from the drop-down menu options. Alternatively, users can select the text and then press the ‘Ctrl + E’ keys. Consequently, a detailed explanation of the highlighted content will appear, powered by Copilot AI.

As the company further elaborated, this is a feature available on devices that have Copilot on Windows. However, they also cautioned that there is a known issue that may prevent some users from accessing this new feature in Notepad, at least for the time being.

Enhancements to the Snipping Tool

In addition to the introduction of the ‘Explain with Copilot’ feature, Microsoft has also announced an update to the Snipping Tool to version 11.2401.32.0, which is also available in the Canary and Dev channels for Windows Insiders.

This update equips the Snipping Tool with the capability to add shapes to screenshots. Consequently, users can now add rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows to their screenshots.

To leverage this feature, users simply have to select one of the new shapes from the toolbar and drag it over the area of the image they wish to capture. This will crop the image in the selected shape.

Moreover, the update also allows users to alter the fill and outline color of the shape which can be beneficial for differentiating the screenshot from the colors of the original image.