Millennials’ Permanent Farewell: Bid Adieu to These 20 Things for Good

Millennials’ Permanent Farewell: Bid Adieu to These 20 Things for Good

Millennials have made significant changes and improvements in various aspects of society, as discussed in a recent Reddit thread. Here are some of the things that millennials are proud to have influenced:

1. The end of the “I hate my spouse” genre of jokes. Millennials believe in building healthy and loving relationships with their partners.

2. The decrease in hating one’s spouse. Millennials are glad that more people are waiting to get married until they find the right partner whom they genuinely enjoy spending time with, not just love.

3. The reduction of elder abuse. Millennials advocate for respect and equal treatment for all, including the elderly.

4. The passing of a law in Washington state that mandates employers to disclose job wages in ad postings. This helps normalize discussions about wages and informs people of their rights to discuss their salaries without fear of repercussions.

5. The rise of involved fathers. Millennial dads are actively engaged in parenting and are redefining what it means to be a father.

6. The decrease in spending on diamonds. Millennials prioritize experiences and meaningful connections over material possessions.

7. The decline in ironing clothes. Millennials have embraced more casual and comfortable fashion styles.

8. The rejection of societal pressure to have children simply because it’s expected. Millennials believe that having children should be a personal choice, not a societal obligation.

9. The reduction of stigma surrounding mental health. Millennials have been vocal about their struggles with mental health, helping to break down the stigma and encouraging others to seek help.

10. The demand for accountability in toxic family dynamics. Millennials challenge the generational patterns of dysfunction and strive for healthier family relationships.

11. The rejection of the notion that work is the most important aspect of life. Millennials advocate for work-life balance and fair treatment in the workplace.

12. The decline of low-quality chain restaurants. Millennials support local and healthier food options.

13. The improved treatment of the LGBTQIA+ community. Millennials have been at the forefront of advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights and equality.

14. The encouragement of emotional expression in men. Millennials reject the idea that men should suppress their emotions and promote a healthier approach to masculinity.

15. The decrease in stigma against childless or childfree individuals. Millennials recognize that choosing not to have children is a valid and personal decision.

16. The promotion of healthier food options by millennials and hipsters. This includes a focus on organic, sustainable, and plant-based choices.

17. The significant decrease in smoking rates in America. Millennials have contributed to a decline in smoking through awareness campaigns and healthier lifestyles.

18. The emphasis on providing better nutrition for pets. Millennials understand the importance of feeding their pets high-quality food.

19. The destigmatization of therapy. Millennials encourage seeking therapy as a valuable tool for mental health and self-improvement.

20. The decline in popularity of establishments like Hooters, which objectify women. Millennials are pushing for more inclusive and respectful environments.

These changes reflect the positive impact that millennials have made in various areas of society. If you suspect or are concerned about child abuse, please contact the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453. For mental health support, you can reach out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-888-950-6264 (NAMI) or visit for referrals to mental health professionals.