Negotiations Proceed Without Israel’s Participation

Negotiations Proceed Without Israel’s Participation

Representatives from Egypt, Qatar, the USA and the terrorist organization Hamas are reportedly set to continue negotiations regarding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. These reports come from Al-Cairo News, a TV broadcasting group associated with the Egyptian secret service, quoting a “senior official.”

Prior to these reports, state television in Egypt had reported “significant progress” in the talks which were conducted without the presence of Israel. The nation of Israel has intentionally stayed away from these negotiations, requiring the terrorist organization to provide a list of still living hostages as a precondition.

The mediators have been tirelessly working for several weeks now to agree on a ceasefire and to secure the release of the remaining 130 hostages held by Hamas before the beginning of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, which is set to start on either March 10th or 11th this year.

Potential Ceasefire Proposals for the Gaza Strip

At the moment, there are proposals being negotiated that could potentially bring an end to the fighting in the Gaza Strip for a period of six weeks. In exchange for this ceasefire, Hamas would be required to release Israeli hostages, who would then be exchanged for Palestinians currently held in Israeli prisons.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has called on Hamas to capitulate. He stated in a public address in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening, “We are making great efforts to succeed, but one thing is clear to you – we will not capitulate to Hamas’ delusional demands.”

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