New Venture Speeds Up Development of Technological Solutions in Rehabilitation Worlds

New Venture Speeds Up Development of Technological Solutions in Rehabilitation Worlds

In the forthcoming years, it is anticipated that a large number of citizens will suffer from a variety of injuries, including physical, mental, and emotional, as a consequence of the war. As per the Ministry of Defense’s data, it is estimated that around 22 thousand individuals will need rehabilitation. This presents a significant challenge for the Israeli rehabilitation system, which is currently facing difficulties in terms of manpower, infrastructure, and aid systems.

ReHub, a center of entrepreneurship and innovation located in the Negev – Nachalat Eran, Lozato Group, the oldest intellectual property and patents group in Israel, and the largest and leading rehabilitation center in the south have teamed up with other leading entities to establish ReHubX. This is a support system for ventures and technological developments in the field of rehabilitation, disabilities, and Assistive Technology.

The primary objective of ReHubX is to expedite the advancement of technological innovations, assist them in reaching the rehabilitation system in Israel and worldwide, and create a significant impact. Dr. Yitzhak Zioner, the director of the Adi Negev Rehabilitation Medical Center – Nachalat Eran of the Adi Association, states that the main innovations and progress in rehabilitation medicine in recent decades have been in the technological field. This includes the development of technologies that compensate for physical deficiencies and enable functionality, and technologies that hasten healing and plasticity processes, contributing to the return and improvement of functions.

These technologies also facilitate self-practice combining treatment and guidance from health professionals and help maintain the therapeutic continuum from hospital to community and home, with continuous training and monitoring. The establishment of the aid system is viewed as a significant tool that will contribute to the development of technologies that will advance rehabilitation medicine in Israel and encourage researchers, entrepreneurs, and developers to bring new breakthroughs in treatment.

Dr. Esther Lozato, the CEO of the Lozato Group, expresses her excitement to be part of a project of first-rate national importance and support the program. The group will assist the ventures that will be admitted into the program in everything related to the world of intellectual property and innovation, including patent registration and comprehensive support on intellectual property, which are essential elements in promoting entrepreneurship in the field of rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the partners and employees of the group will provide support to the ventures and provide them with infrastructure, connections, and knowledge. The group is proud to collaborate with Adi Negev, who is doing extraordinary work in the field of reconstruction from the Negev and for the entire country, both in routine and combat.

Yossi Shavit, the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Adi Negev – Eran Estate, explains that the Lozato Group’s contribution is integrated into an aid system that will offer a variety of critical services to enterprises. This includes the possibility of joining the Design Partner program of the Adi Negev, assistance in obtaining financing, conducting clinical studies, mentorship from dozens of mentors from Israel and abroad, accessibility to clinical fields, technologies, infrastructures, and more.

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