Nine Tons Evaporated Instantly

Nine Tons Evaporated Instantly

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, has started a price war for fully electric cars in Finland. The price of the company’s only electric car, the bz4x, dropped by around 7,000–9,000 euros on Thursday, depending on the equipment. Now, the car can be purchased for just under 43,000 euros. The most significant price drop was experienced by the best-equipped four-wheel drive, which lost 9,170 euros.

The bz4x has received significant attention as Toyota is the most popular car brand in Finland. However, there were some initial technological issues with the electric car, including slow charging and disappointing range. After updates were made, the car performed better in tests. The current model lacks a feature appreciated by many winter drivers, battery preheating, but Toyota has reported improvements in charging for this year’s model.

By the end of last year, there were nearly a thousand electric Toyotas in Finland, compared to about 20,000 Teslas. The bz4x is also sold under the Subaru brand as the “Solterra”. On Thursday, the cheapest electric Subaru was priced just under 46,000 euros. Subaru has previously priced the car cheaper than Toyota, so price drops are expected from this brand as well.

In comparison, the most drastic price reduction of electric cars so far has been made by the French. The price of the Renault Megane electric car decreased by up to 11,000 euros in December.

Meanwhile in Japan, Toyota’s home country, the economy is struggling partly due to problems faced by the car giant. Its sister brand Daihatsu tampered with safety tests, leading to disruptions in production. However, these issues are related to combustion engine cars in the Asian market and not to the bz4x.

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