Pakistani Woman Travels to Kolkata, India to Tie the Knot

Pakistani Woman Travels to Kolkata, India to Tie the Knot

A Pakistani woman named Javeria Khanum made headlines on Tuesday as she crossed over to India from the Wagah-Attari International Border. She embarked on this journey to marry a resident of Kolkata, with whom her marriage has been fixed for January next year.

Javeria, a Karachi resident, arrived at the Indian side from Attari in Amritsar district, where she was warmly welcomed by her fiance Sameer Khan and some of his family members. The atmosphere was filled with joy as they celebrated her arrival with the beats of ‘dhol’.

The couple had faced multiple obstacles before this joyful reunion. Javeria had been rejected for a visa on two occasions, and their plans were further hindered by the Covid pandemic, causing a delay of around five years. However, luck was finally on their side as she was granted a 45-day visa this time.

During a brief interaction with reporters at Attari, Javeria and Sameer expressed their excitement about their upcoming wedding in January. Javeria said, “I am very happy to be here. Just upon arrival, I am already receiving so much love. The marriage will be solemnised in the first week of January.”

Reflecting on her previous attempts to secure a visa, Javeria shared, “It is a happy ending and a happy beginning. Everyone back home was very happy. I can’t believe I have finally received the visa after five years.”

Sameer recounted how their story began in May 2018 when he saw Javeria’s photo on his mother’s phone and expressed his interest in marrying her. Despite facing visa rejections and the challenges posed by the pandemic, he expressed his gratitude to the Indian Government for granting them the visa. Sameer also mentioned his mother’s joy upon hearing the news of their upcoming wedding.

Looking ahead to the wedding, Sameer revealed that his friends from his time in Germany, where he was studying, are likely to attend the ceremony. These friends hail from various countries such as Africa, Spain, and the United States.

After their interaction with the media, the couple left to catch a flight from Amritsar to Kolkata, where they will begin their new journey together.

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