Parents Demand Justice as Their Tennessee College Student Daughter Tragically Falls Victim to Stray Bullet

Parents Demand Justice as Their Tennessee College Student Daughter Tragically Falls Victim to Stray Bullet

The parents of an 18-year-old Belmont University freshman who tragically lost her life to a stray bullet are sharing their grief and speaking out about the devastating loss of their daughter. Jillian Ludwig was walking in a park in Nashville, Tennessee when she was struck by a bullet in the head. Despite being rushed to the hospital in critical condition, she sadly passed away on Thursday morning.

In an emotional interview with “Good Morning America,” Jessica Ludwig, Jillian’s mother, expressed her heartbreak, saying, “There’s a piece of my heart that was taken from me, and I don’t know how to feel that.” Jillian’s father, Matt Ludwig, also struggled to comprehend the tragedy, stating, “She was thriving so well and doing so well in so many ways, in every way.”

The alleged shooter, 29-year-old Shaquille Taylor, was reportedly firing at a vehicle across the street from the park when the stray bullet struck Jillian. According to the Nashville police, Taylor was previously arrested in September for felony auto theft and was released on a $20,000 bond. He had also missed his court appearance on November 3, resulting in a failure to appear warrant.

Matt Ludwig expressed his frustration with the justice system, stating, “A repeat criminal who’s deemed to have mental health issues should be dealt with in a facility or in some way that deals with those issues. The answer should not be to release him back into the streets.”

Initially charged with aggravated assault and evidence tampering, Taylor’s charges may be modified in light of Jillian’s death. Nashville police are currently discussing the possibility of modified charges with the District Attorney’s Office.

Belmont University President Greg Jones released a statement following the shooting, describing Jillian as an active member of the community who had a passion for music. Jones said, “Jillian is an engaged member of our community who is known for her love of music. A music business major and bass player, she is often found at concerts, cheering on fellow musicians and using music as a way to connect with those around her. Jillian is also an avid runner who enjoys being outside.”

Meanwhile, Jillian’s parents are struggling to come to terms with the loss of their daughter. Jessica Ludwig tearfully expressed, “You’re just so loved and so missed. And we are so proud of you and you put a lot of living into your 18 years.”

The investigation into Jillian Ludwig’s death is ongoing, and her parents are left to mourn the untimely loss of their beloved daughter.