Partner and Ericsson Successfully Conduct First Experiment on Advanced 5G Network

Partner and Ericsson Successfully Conduct First Experiment on Advanced 5G Network

In the backdrop of the annual MWC World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona, Partner, a notable communications group, and Ericsson, a renowned global company, announced their successful demonstration of the first data call on a 5G Standalone network. This network is grounded in the most cutting-edge 5th generation network technology across the globe. This news followed their previous announcement approximately a year ago where they disclosed signing an agreement to create an advanced network based on cloud technology. This network, backed by an investment of tens of millions of shekels, is expected to be officially launched in Israel in the forthcoming months.

The novel technology boasts numerous benefits in both the private and business sectors. It facilitates the optimal and maximum utilization of the 5th generation features. These features include ultra-fast internet surfing, low latency, quick access to media, high-quality voice and video calls, stability, reliability, security, encryption, continuity, and high network capacity.

Besides, the technology is set to revolutionize and provide new avenues for industries, organizations, and businesses. This revolution is driven by two primary features. The first one being ‘network slicing’, which allows the exclusive allocation of a network segment to a customer or a dedicated service, based on its characteristics, while addressing its specific needs flexibly. The second feature is ‘low latency’, which enables short response times – a crucial aspect in areas such as the gaming experience, real-time remote management and control (medicine, medical devices), IoT trends, and industrial automation (including industrial robots, automatic marlogs, autonomous vehicles, and more).

Partner aligns itself with a select group of international companies that have announced the establishment of an advanced 5G network. Similarly, the 5th generation networks are initially based on the 4th generation core. The complete and final stage involves the creation of a network grounded on an independent ‘5G Standalone’ core.

Yigal Giladi, VP of Engineering at Partner, shared his views on this significant step. He said, “Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in the evolution of the communications infrastructure in the State of Israel. It ushers us into a new era concerning the consumption of communication services. The progress made in establishing the network with Ericsson underlines our commitment to spearheading innovation and delivering advanced solutions and an exceptional service experience to our private and business customers. The new network will unveil a new world of diverse opportunities and collaborations for us.”

Alon Berman, the CEO of Ericsson Israel, expressed his pride in their successful collaboration with the Partner Communications Group. He said, “We are proud of the deep and successful cooperation with the Partner Communications Group in our mission to deliver advanced fifth-generation services to its customers. Ericsson’s leading technology offers a high level of connectivity, the ability to provide a tailored response to customer requirements, and the delivery of new services to private and business customers requiring a high level of performance. This significant step in the development of communication networks will catalyze growth and innovation.”