“Perfectly Missed” Fits Flawlessly

“Perfectly Missed” Fits Flawlessly

Prime Video has established itself as the leading streaming service in Germany within a decade of its launch. The company intends to maintain this position and continue to expand its content. “We still don’t have enough,” stated Christoph Schneider, Country Manager Germany, during the annual press conference in Berlin. This commitment to growth is good news for the creative industry of producers, authors, actresses, and actors. The robust portfolio of approximately 20 German productions slated for release this year and next underscores Prime Video’s importance to the German market.

Continued Success of Classics Like “LOL”

Prime Video continues to offer a blend of new and classic content. Standouts among the new offerings include “LOL”, “The Discounters”, and the latest adaptation of Sebastian Fitzek’s novel, “The Way Home”. The comedic series “Fits Perfect” starring Bastian Pastewka and Anke Engelke is also noteworthy. Despite being colleagues and friends for over 25 years, this is the first time the duo will portray a couple on screen.

In “Perfekt Misst”, Pastewka and Engelke play a “dream couple” who meet in a small town. This eight-part series premiered on Prime Video this summer, with its conception traced back to the Corona pandemic. The series explores a storyline where the two well-known actors finally play a couple, an idea that emerged during their conversations during the lockdown.

The series aims to reflect universal emotions and experiences that viewers can identify with. The pandemic, Engelke suggests, has opened up unseen opportunities for storytelling and collaboration.

A scene from the Prime Video production “The Tiger”, featuring lead actor David Schütter as a tank driver.

© dpa/Stanislav Honzík

Prime Video offers a diverse range of content, from comedies like “Viktor Brings It” with Moritz Bleibtreu to thrillers based on Sebastian Fitzek’s novels. Fitzek’s “The Way Home” is set to become a film, scheduled for release at the end of 2024. The plot centres around a young mother who receives a chilling phone call from a notorious killer, sparking a desperate escape.

Following the success of “Das Boot” on Sky, Amazon Prime is set to release “The Tiger”, a film set on the Eastern Front in 1943, in early 2025. The film portrays a tank crew on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines during World War II, emphasising the horrors of war.

Directed by Dennis Gansel, “The Tiger” tells the story of a German Tiger tank crew who confront their fears during their mission. The film’s cast includes David Schütter, Laurence Rupp, Leonard Kunz, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Yoran Pfarrer, Tilman Strauß and André M. Hennicke. The film aims to highlight the tragedy of war and its impact on innocent people.

Prime Video also offers serious documentaries. The four-part “German Cocaine Cowboy” tells the story of a pimp from Hamburg’s red light district who becomes involved with the infamous Cali cartel in the 1990s. Other documentaries include “Kill My Doppelganger”, about mysterious criminal cases, and “Billion Mike”, about one of Germany’s most notorious fraudsters.

Prime Video aims to cater to a broad audience, offering a mix of reality TV and sports content alongside its films and series. Prime Video has acquired the broadcast rights to the Champions League football matchday and Wimbledon tennis tournament, previously on Sky.