Planning Short-Term WNBA Venture Proves Challenging, Yet Exciting

Planning Short-Term WNBA Venture Proves Challenging, Yet Exciting

In a recent interview, Raquel Carrera, the center of Valencia Basket and the Spanish team, shared her thoughts on the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris and her aspirations of playing in the American WNBA. Carrera acknowledged that transitioning to the WNBA may be challenging in the near term, but she remains eager to pursue this opportunity in the future. She also anticipates the Paris Games to be particularly special, following a significant transformation in the national team since the Tokyo Games in 2021.

Discussing her professional journey, Carrera expressed her satisfaction with her decision to join Valencia in the first year of her professional career. She was drawn to the club’s dedication to its players and the youth team, and she feels a great sense of pride being a role model for the over 500 children training there. Carrera, who signed a five-year contract with Valencia Basket in 2019, still marvels at the experiences she has had since joining the club.

Reflecting on her early years in the sport, Carrera shared that basketball started as a hobby for her. As she grew more serious about the sport, she had to make some crucial decisions, including moving abroad at the age of 13 to pursue her dream of becoming a professional player. Carrera also spoke about her decision to accept an offer to play for Celta during her teenage years, which marked the beginning of her journey playing with much older players.

On April 15, 2021, Carrera was selected in the 15th place in the WNBA ‘Draft’ by the Atlanta Dream, marking the highest selection for a Spanish woman to date. Despite this significant achievement, Carrera is aware that her American dream may have to wait. Nonetheless, she remains hopeful and excited about the prospect of playing in the WNBA in the future.

Speaking about her future with Valencia, Carrera remained non-committal. She stressed that her focus is currently on Valencia and the national team, with major competitions like the Games, Eurobasket, and the World Cup being her priority. Carrera also highlighted her “competitive gene,” which drives her to always strive for victory, regardless of the game’s circumstances.


Carrera’s role in the Spanish team has grown significantly over time. After making her debut in the U-17 World Cup at the age of 14, Carrera donned the senior jersey in the summer of 2021. Despite some disappointing results, she remains optimistic about the team’s future under the new coach, Miguel Méndez.

The Spanish team secured their ticket to Paris 2024 in the Sopron Olympic Qualifiers in Hungary. Carrera shared her excitement about this achievement and the team’s competitive spirit, which she believes is their greatest strength. She also acknowledged the significant contribution of Megan Gustafson, praising her understanding of the game and her ability to contribute both on and off the court.

Looking ahead to the Paris Games this summer, Carrera expressed her excitement about the event. She spoke about the thrill of competing alongside athletes from other sports and the collective aim of winning more medals for Spain. Carrera also anticipates the Paris Games to be more special due to the possibility of having an audience, thanks to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.