Pregnant Woman Opens Fire in Texas Church

Pregnant Woman Opens Fire in Texas Church

A tragic event unfolded at the Lakewood evangelical megachurch located in Houston, Texas, United States. An off-duty police officer was forced to take lethal action against a woman who had initiated a shooting attack at the church. The incident occurred at around 1:45 pm local time, resulting in the unfortunate death of the woman.

Reports from various North American media outlets provide a chilling account of the incident. The woman, accompanied by a young boy of approximately 5 years old, entered the church premises. In the ensuing chaos, the child was shot and critically injured. Alongside the child, another person, a 57-year-old man, also suffered injuries. He was hit in the area between his hip and leg, adding to the number of casualties of this horrifying incident.

The co-founder of Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen, commented on the timing of the incident. It took place during the intermission between services. At that particular moment, a service in Spanish was scheduled to take place, which could have led to even more casualties had the situation not been contained.

Police reports indicate that the woman was within the age range of 30 to 35 years old. She was armed with a rifle, further augmenting the threat level of the situation. She was dressed in a coat and backpack, which she claimed contained a bomb, effectively instilling fear among those present. However, upon investigation, no explosives were discovered on her person, thereby confirming that her threat of a bomb was a mere intimidation tactic.

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