Presidency will be Marked by Vendetta

Presidency will be Marked by Vendetta

Chris Christie, the former governor who was a presidential candidate until recently, warns of ‘absolute chaos’ if Donald Trump gets elected as the American president for the second time later this year. In an interview with ABC news, he predicted serious staffing problems along with the chaos.

Just over a month ago, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, and Nikki Haley were vying for the Republican nomination to contest against incumbent President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections. His stance was clear then – ‘never Trump again’. Since his withdrawal from the race, his stance has only become more assertive. He reiterated his views in an interview with ABC news.


When asked about his expectations if Trump gets elected again, Christie answers: “Chaos. Absolute chaos”. He added that in 2016, Trump was a bit scared as he did not anticipate to win and hence was intimidated by the presidency. But, he believes that will not be the situation this time.

He also indicated that Trump’s second term might turn into a ‘vendetta presidency’ where he would seek retribution and possibly use government resources to punish those who, in his view, have been disloyal to him or his approach.

Lack of Experience

Christie believes that due to his initial fear, Trump surrounded himself with experienced and competent individuals when he first moved into the White House, including former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former Defense Ministers Mark Esper and Jim Mattis, Attorney General Bill Barr and former Chief of Staff John Kelly. He refers to them as “very solid and experienced people in government” irrespective of whether one agrees with their policies or not.

However, he anticipates a complete change in this approach if Trump gets elected again. He suspects that Trump will only want ‘yes-men’ who will do as he commands, leading to a major personnel problem with people in positions they are not suited for.