PSG Shareholder Discusses the Post-Parc des Princes Era

PSG Shareholder Discusses the Post-Parc des Princes Era

In December, Arctos Sports Partners, an American investment fund, obtained a 12.5% ​​share in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for a sum of 500 million euros. Although Arctos will not be involved in the team’s sporting decisions, they will have a say in certain matters, such as the stadium. Alastair Seaman, Arctos’s general manager, discussed their involvement with PSG at a Financial Times conference.

“The club invested €150 million in a state-of-the-art training center that is unparalleled,” the CEO explained. He went on to add that PSG benefits from a large population base that produces the most talented players globally. This talent pool, combined with the club’s desire to invest in a younger, predominantly French team, makes the investment a financially viable one.

Seaman also touched on the possibility of constructing a new stadium, especially given PSG’s ongoing dispute with the Paris town hall over the Parc des Princes. “There’s a high chance that PSG will build a new, modern stadium in the suburbs,” he stated. This project is currently in the works and aims to meet the club’s unfulfilled requirements. Seaman simplified the scenario by stating that as the only club in a globally popular city like Paris, PSG’s brand has grown to be larger than the local championship.

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