Ramon Regrets Lost Opportunities, Holds Faith in Pre-Olympics Placement

Ramon Regrets Lost Opportunities, Holds Faith in Pre-Olympics Placement

The Brazilian football team, led by coach Ramon Menezes, faced a disappointing 1-0 defeat against Paraguay. This match was the opening round of the decisive quadrangular of the Pre-Olympic Tournament. Following the defeat, Menezes expressed his belief that the outcome of the tournament was not determined by the initial defeat but by the team’s ability to recover and triumph in the end. He stated, “It just depends on us. It was the first thing I talked about with our athletes. It’s not how it starts, but how it ends.”

Despite the loss, Menezes acknowledged the team’s potential and regretted the missed opportunities during the match. He expressed confidence in the team’s ability, asserting that they had demonstrated the skills necessary to defeat their opponent. He is now focusing on the team’s comeback in the remaining two games of the competition.

Menezes further explained the team’s game strategy, stating, “We had the opportunity to kill the game, especially in the first half. We conceded a goal at a key moment, which couldn’t happen, which are the first five minutes and the final five minutes. Now it’s time to correct it and try to do what I said. We have two matches. It’s about trying to improve.”

Following their initial defeat, the Brazilian team will face Venezuela in their next match on Thursday. The final round of the tournament will be held on Sunday, with Argentina as the opponent.

Team captain Andrey Santos echoed Menezes’ sentiments, highlighting the need for the team to regain their confidence and focus on training in order to secure their classification. He emphasized that Brazil needs to win its remaining games to secure their place without relying on other results.

Reflecting on the defeat, Santos stated, “It wasn’t what we wanted. When it comes to Brazil, we always want to win. But let’s lift our heads and rest, because this game is over. We have to work hard to think about the game with Venezuela.” His words serve as a reminder of the team’s determination and commitment to improvement and victory.