Red Bull Team Boss Horner Acquitted Before the Start

Red Bull Team Boss Horner Acquitted Before the Start

Christian Horner, world champion of Red Bull and Formula 1’s longest-serving team boss, was recently under scrutiny for a matter that had been brewing for weeks. However, less than 24 hours before the first training kilometers of the new season, the issue was resolved. An independent lawyer conducted an investigation and the parent company, Red Bull, confirmed on Wednesday that the complaint against Horner had been dismissed. The party who filed the complaint retains the right to appeal.

An employee had accused Horner of inappropriate behavior. Horner, a 50-year-old Briton, has consistently denied these allegations since they surfaced. Red Bull expressed confidence in the fairness, thoroughness, and bias-free nature of the investigation but did not disclose any details. The company stated that the investigation report is confidential and contains private information of the parties and third parties involved in the investigation. Therefore, out of respect for all involved, Red Bull will not comment any further.

“It is an important moment for sport to show that we stand by our values.”

Lewis Hamilton made this statement before the acquittal was announced

Formula 1 has managed to avoid a severe image crash just before the start of a record season with 24 races. However, the sport has already taken some damage. Record world champion Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes highlighted at the official drivers’ press conference that the issue has an impact on the sport. His statement was made a few hours before the announcement of Horner’s acquittal.

Despite stating that the matter does not bother him, Max Verstappen, another driver, also expressed his hope for a swift resolution during the press conference. It is unknown whether he was informed of the investigation’s outcome, which was confirmed along with the allegations on February 5th. Horner was reportedly interviewed for several hours on February 9th and continued serving in his office thereafter, including during the presentation of the new RB20 in mid-February and the test drives at the Bahrain International Circuit last week.

Speculations were rife about Horner’s journey to the opening race, which takes place on Saturday due to the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. But the announcement from Red Bull, which allegedly received a 100-page investigation report, quashed all suspicions.

A reward of 250,000 dollars for the one who beats Verstappen

The issue might continue to be a hot topic in the Sakhir desert. However, for Verstappen who is aiming for his fourth consecutive title, nothing will change. Despite winning 19 races out of 22 last season, doubts persist about his ability to repeat the feat this year. Jeff Dodds, the head of the all-electric Formula E racing series, has even promised to donate $250,000 to charity at the end of this year if anyone manages to beat Verstappen.

Hamilton’s Final Year with Mercedes: “The most gigantic of all shocks”

Everyone seems to be against Verstappen at the moment. But the actual balance of power will become clearer after the first training rounds this Thursday. Whoever tops the lap will be revealed in the qualification on Friday, and who has built the fastest car for the long distance will be known on Saturday, at least for the Bahrain circuit.

Formula 1 fans will witness Lewis Hamilton’s final year with Mercedes. The seven-time champion from England will switch to Ferrari from 2025. This change has been described by various media outlets as an “earthquake”, “the most gigantic of all shocks” and the “signature of the century”.

Hamilton was attracted to the Ferrari myth, a substantial amount of money, and the prospect of winning his much-desired eighth title, which would make him surpass former Ferrari star Michael Schumacher. However, based on initial impressions, it seems unlikely that his triumph will happen this year in the silver-black Mercedes. Regardless, Hamilton, who turned 39 in January, stated that he feels more motivated and focused than ever before.