Red Sea Cable Suffers Damage

Red Sea Cable Suffers Damage

According to CNN, a significant disruption to telecommunications networks has occurred due to damage to submarine cables in the Red Sea. This has necessitated service providers to reroute as much as 25% of the traffic between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, which includes Internet traffic. The situation has raised concerns about the importance of these submarine cables and the potential impact of their damage on global connectivity.

HGC Global Communications, a telecommunications company based in Hong Kong reported that several cables, belonging to four major telecommunications networks, have been cut. This has led to significant disruptions in the communications networks across the Middle East. The company did not provide specific details on how the cables were damaged or who might be responsible for the damage.

According to HGC, their preliminary estimates indicate that the disruption has affected about 25% of traffic between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The company released this information in a statement published on Monday. While the damage has already had a considerable impact, the company is taking steps to reroute traffic to ensure minimal disruption to its customers.

Submarine cables play a crucial role in powering the internet. In recent years, many of these cables have been funded by internet giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta. Any damage to these underwater cables can have far-reaching effects, potentially causing widespread Internet outages. This was seen in the aftermath of the 2006 Taiwan earthquake, which resulted in substantial Internet disruptions.

The recent damage to cables in the Red Sea comes on the heels of a warning issued by Yemen’s official government. They had expressed concerns about the possibility of Houthi rebels targeting and destroying these cables. Iran-backed militants have previously disrupted global supply chains by launching attacks on commercial vessels in key waterways.

Last week, reports from the Israeli newspaper Globes suggested that the Houthi rebels might be behind the recent cable damage. This has been categorically denied by the leader of the Yemeni rebels, Abdel Malek al-Houthi. In a statement, he refuted the accusations, stating that they have “no intention of targeting submarine cables that provide internet to countries in the region.”

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