Report: Sam Altman’s Sacking Linked to Letter on AI Breakthrough

Report: Sam Altman’s Sacking Linked to Letter on AI Breakthrough

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was reportedly ousted from his position following a letter sent by staff researchers to the board of directors, warning about a significant artificial intelligence (AI) discovery that could pose a threat to humanity. According to Reuters, the letter and the AI algorithm described within it were the catalysts for Altman’s removal. The sources did not provide any details about the content of the letter, and attempts to obtain a copy or comment from the researchers were unsuccessful. OpenAI declined to comment on the matter.

One source revealed that Mira Murati, a long-time executive at OpenAI, informed employees that the letter discussing an AI breakthrough called Q* played a crucial role in the board’s decision. Q* is believed to be a potential breakthrough in the company’s pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI), which refers to AI systems that surpass human intelligence.

The source explained that the Q* model demonstrated progress in solving certain mathematical problems, albeit at the level of grade-school students. Nevertheless, this achievement instilled optimism among researchers about Q*’s future success. The source requested anonymity due to a lack of authorization to speak on behalf of the company.

Altman’s removal led to more than 700 employees threatening to quit and join OpenAI’s backer, Microsoft, in solidarity with their former leader. The sources mentioned that the board had various grievances against Altman, with the letter serving as one of the contributing factors.

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