Salt Bae’s Restaurant Sparks Outrage with Rs 800 Price Tag on Sprite

Salt Bae’s Restaurant Sparks Outrage with Rs 800 Price Tag on Sprite

Controversy Erupts Over Salt Bae’s Restaurant Charging Rs 800 for a Sprite

Expensive restaurants are no strangers to charging outrageous prices for simple meals. However, Turkish chef Nusret Gokce’s restaurant, Nusr-Et, has recently come under fire for its exorbitant prices, sparking outrage among food enthusiasts. Gokce, famously known as Salt Bae, became an internet sensation in 2017 with his unique steak-salting technique. Since then, he has opened a chain of luxurious steakhouses.

Critics have long criticized Nusr-Et for its excessive pricing, with patrons frequently expressing their dissatisfaction. Many have also accused the restaurant of prioritizing presentation over food quality. Recently, a video shared by a user on social media showed Gokce preparing a steak at one of his restaurants, showcasing his signature salt-sprinkling technique. Alongside the video, the user posted an alleged breakdown of a bill from Nusr-Et.

According to the breakdown, a Sprite was priced at $10 (approximately Rs 800), which is over ten times its market value. Additionally, a dish called the “Golden Tomahawk,” a beef steak wrapped in gold foil, was priced at $1000 (approximately Rs 83,000).

This cost breakdown quickly ignited widespread outrage among internet users, with many condemning the restaurant’s pricing as excessive. One individual went as far as labeling the prices as “Overpriced garbage for the uninformed.”

In addition to the pricing controversy, netizens also criticized Gokce’s steak preparation techniques shown in the video. A self-proclaimed chef pointed out that Gokce sharpened a steel knife on the table without sanitizing it before slicing the meat.

“As a chef, what bothers me most is he immediately broke one of the biggest knife skill safety standards out there. He forgot to wipe down the knife after refining the edge with the steel. People don’t want steel shavings in their food,” the user wrote.

Another user commented, “There’s a reason his restaurants started failing en masse once the TikTok trenders got bored. Hot take, but gold foil on food is usually a clear sign the chef is pretentious and not as talented. It does nothing for taste and just increases the price of food superficially.”

In response to the backlash, the 39-year-old chef reposted the receipt of the bill.

Salt Bae, also known as Nusr-et Gokce, became famous after a meme featuring him went viral in 2017. His unique way of seasoning steak with salt quickly gained popularity. His distinctive appearance, with a white shirt and sunglasses, added to the relatability of the meme. Salt Bae leveraged his fame to open his own chain of restaurants in major cities worldwide.

The public now awaits further response and action regarding the controversy.