Sanremo 2024 Mascots of Milano-Cortina 2026 Arrive at Casa Coca-Cola

Sanremo 2024 Mascots of Milano-Cortina 2026 Arrive at Casa Coca-Cola

During the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival, which Coca-Cola is a proud partner of, an exciting announcement was made. The official mascots of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games were welcomed into Casa Coca-Cola. This location is a warm and inviting space where the renowned beverage brand offers guests a refreshing break and pays tribute to a culinary staple of Italy: pizza. The Sanremo Festival began on Tuesday, February 6th and will continue to entertain millions of viewers until the final night on Saturday, February 10th. On the evening of Wednesday, February 7th, the Milano Cortina 2026 Mascots were introduced for the very first time on Italy’s most prestigious stage.

Tina and Milo, two vibrant stoats known for their clever and proactive nature, are the selected mascots who will embody the contemporary Italian spirit to the world. Their energy, enthusiasm, and warmth are a testament to the vitality of Italy. Tina, the lighter-coated stoat, will symbolize the 2026 Winter Olympic Games while her brother, Milo, sporting a brown coat, will represent the forthcoming Paralympic Winter Games. Their names are derived from the host locations: Tina from Cortina, Milo from Milan. Tina possesses a creative and concrete nature with a strong sense of curiosity. Milo, on the other hand, is resilient and a dreamer with a particular fondness for pizza and snow games. Despite being born without a leg, Milo has learned to walk using his tail, proving that nothing can hinder his spirit.

Today, the duo made their appearance at Casa Coca-Cola. Accompanying them were Valentina Marchei, Olympic figure skater and current Head of Ambassador Program for Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026, and Luca Santandrea, General Manager Olympic and Paralympic Games Milano Cortina 2026. Luca expressed his pride in welcoming the mascots and Coca-Cola’s partnership, stating that the relationship extends beyond sport and allows for a deeper connection with Italy. He also mentioned that this partnership aims to leave a positive legacy.

The link between Coca-Cola and sport has a long history. The company values honesty, inclusion, unity, optimism, and shared passion, which has inspired them to consistently support the world of sport. In fact, The Coca-Cola Company has been a sponsor of the Olympic Movement since 1928, when it first supported competing athletes in Amsterdam. The company’s commitment to the Olympics is unwavering and it has extended its sponsorship until 2032, making it the longest-serving partner in the history of the Olympics.

Coca-Cola has a proud history of supporting the Olympic Committee in Italy, having backed the games in Cortina in 1956, Rome in 1960, and Turin in 2006. The company is thrilled to support the MilanoCortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games with the same fervor. Coca-Cola is committed to leaving a long-term legacy for the communities and sees this as an opportunity for growth for those operating in the country, like itself.