Second Person Arrested Not Linked to RAF Terrorism

Second Person Arrested Not Linked to RAF Terrorism

In Berlin, the ongoing investigation into the case of 65-year-old Daniela Klette has seen developments with the arrest of two suspects. However, it has now been confirmed that neither of the suspects is Burkhard Garweg or Ernst-Volker Staub, two former RAF terrorists who have been wanted by the authorities for years.

The announcement came on Wednesday morning from the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office. Their statement clearly stated that neither of the arrested individuals was the two criminals still on the run. Interestingly, one of the arrested individuals was apprehended in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district of Berlin, similar to Klette who was arrested at the beginning of the week in the same district.

The statement also noted, “The man was released from police action. The search for the two criminals who are still on the run is ongoing.” This implies that the investigation is still actively pursuing Garweg and Staub.

Moreover, the authorities didn’t provide details on the identity of the arrested man or his relationship with Klette. It was left unclear if he could be Klette’s alleged partner or perhaps a supporter. They have chosen to withhold further information to respect and protect the man’s personal rights.

Burdock had been missing for three decades

Daniela Klette, a former RAF terrorist, has been missing for nearly three decades. She is believed to have spent at least two-thirds of that time living in Berlin-Kreuzberg, specifically in an apartment on the 5th floor located on the former death strip. She shared her home with her partner and a dog.

Klette was finally arrested in her apartment on Monday evening. Despite the arrest, she has not divulged any information about her past to the authorities. The officers discovered ammunition and magazines in her apartment during the arrest, but didn’t find any weapons.

Following her arrest, Klette was transferred to a correctional facility in Lower Saxony on Tuesday. The investigations were conducted in Lower Saxony due to the Verden district court issuing arrest warrants against Klette for several serious robberies.