Senate Commission Rejects League’s Proposal on Governors

Senate Commission Rejects League’s Proposal on Governors

The Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee has rejected the League’s amendment to the elections decree concerning the third term of regional presidents. The senators from the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement and Avs joined Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia in voting against the amendment. Italia viva supported the amendment alongside the League. Azione did not participate in the vote and Autonomie abstained.

Maurizio Gasparri: The Position of Forza Italia Prevailed, Rejecting Turmoil

“The outcome was even better than anticipated,” declared Maurizio Gasparri, the Forza Italia Group Leader in the Senate. “The amendment on the third mandate of the presidents of the Regions was not approved with 16 votes against out of 22 members of the Commission, after the League had withdrawn the amendment on the third mandate of the mayors. It is noteworthy that the Democratic Party did not adopt the amendment on the third mandate of the mayors. The discussion took place in a calm and serene atmosphere. The Democratic Party’s desperation was evident as they sought to invalidate the amendment on the Regions posthumously. Forza Italia’s reasonable position, which we have calmly supported and explained in recent days, dominated. The media has paid more attention to this issue than it perhaps merited. However, everything unfolded as I had predicted for several days. There were no surprises, no panic. I have been trying to explain this for days to those who were relentless in their search for sensational rifts, but evidently telling the truth is not always a decision everyone shares. Regardless, everything happened exactly as I said.”

Paolo Tosato (Lega): The ‘No’ Vote Does Not Weaken the Majority

“The ‘no’ vote on the single amendment for the third mandate for regional presidents does not signify a political split in the majority. This single proposal, which is not part of the government program, does not affect the stability of the majority,” said Paolo Tosato, a senator from the League. When asked if the amendment would be reintroduced in the Chamber, Tosato responded, “There would be no point in proposing it again in the Chamber only for it to be rejected in a vote that mirrors that of the commission”.

Raffaella Paita (Uv): Pd and M5s Assisted Meloni

“A significant split occurred in the government majority over the issue of the third mandate. Hence, we appealed to all oppositions to form a united front: the conditions were ripe to topple the majority. Regrettably, the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement once again assisted Giorgia Meloni. The Democratic Party missed an opportunity to resolve internal disputes and to reject Bonaccini and De Luca,” commented Raffaella Paita, an Italia Viva senator and the party’s national coordinator.

Francesco Boccia (Pd): We Refused to Support a Divided Right

“The rejection by FdI and Fi of the League’s amendment on the third mandate has put an end to a saga that has, due to the fault of the right, cast a troubling and dangerous shadow over our institutions. They were interested in a power struggle, unconcerned about the functioning of our local authorities, their sole aim being to plant their propaganda flags. The Democratic Party has avoided this disrespectful game. The elections decree, which should have merely indicated the voting date for local elections, was turned into a mess. We are dealing with a right that is divided and that never changes, a right that is intolerant of democratic rules and that twists institutions to suit its own narrow interests. We wonder how the government can progress under these conditions,” stated Francesco Boccia, the president of the Democratic Party senators.