Senator Giffey Considers Further Supplementary Budget for Economic Affairs

Senator Giffey Considers Further Supplementary Budget for Economic Affairs

Franziska Giffey (SPD), Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs, remains committed to achieving climate neutrality and suggests a possible supplementary budget to reach this goal. In an interview with RBB Inforadio on Wednesday, Giffey stated it was critical to determine how to facilitate necessary investments, especially since the proposed billion-dollar special fund for enhanced climate protection in Berlin is under threat. She stressed that these investments are crucial for Berlin to become climate neutral.

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Giffey explained that multiple solutions will be needed, including a transformation package that enables investments in various ways. She also suggested considering options like loan equivalents for buildings, real estate, or infrastructure. Another possibility could be equity injections for state companies, enabling them to secure loans for investments.

A third-party report commissioned by the tax administration concluded that the plans of the black-red coalition cannot be executed in their current form. Finance Senator Stefan Evers (CDU) and the coalition originally planned a special fund worth at least five billion euros for substantial additional investments in climate protection, such as building renovations or energy supply conversions. This program, separate from the state budget, was supposed to be financed through loans.

However, the Senate wanted to use this report to first understand the implications of a Federal Constitutional Court ruling on the federal budget for their proposed special fund.