“She Lost to Nobody”: Trump Did Not Run

“She Lost to Nobody”: Trump Did Not Run

In the most recent development in the ongoing presidential primaries of the Republican Party, Nikki Haley, who was the sole remaining candidate against former President Donald Trump, suffered a significant setback tonight. This defeat took place during the Nevada primaries, an event in which the former president did not participate at all.

Haley managed to secure 31.7 percent of the vote in the non-binding primaries held in Nevada. However, a surprising result was that the “none of the candidates” option emerged in the first place with a vote share of 61.8 percent. This indicates a clear preference among the voters for Donald Trump to be the nominee, even though he was not in the fray in these primaries.

Donald Trump, the former president, will be participating in the voting meetings that the Republican Party in Nevada is scheduled to hold tomorrow. Interestingly, Haley will not be a participant in these meetings. It is widely expected that Trump will easily win these meetings, enabling him to secure the 26 delegates that the state sends to the party convention. This convention will play a crucial role in determining the presidential candidate.

The Haley campaign has been quite assertive in stating that their focus is on the upcoming primaries scheduled later this month in South Carolina. It is noteworthy that Nikki Haley served as the governor in South Carolina. In addition, the campaign is also focusing on the Super Tuesday vote which is due next month. Betsy Ankeny, the campaign manager for Haley, said, “We haven’t spent an ounce of energy on Nevada. We decided at an early stage that we would not pay $55,000 to Trump’s entity to participate in a process staged in Trump’s favor.”

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, President Joe Biden emerged victorious in the Nevada primary as widely expected. He managed to secure 89.4 percent of the vote. The “none of the candidates” option came in second place with 5.8 percent of the vote. Marian Williamson, a notable writer, managed to secure 2.8 percent of the vote.

Reflecting on his victory, President Biden said, “Democrats in Nevada represent the backbone of our nation: union workers who build the middle class, immigrants who came here in search of opportunity, and families of all kinds who deserve respect, personal freedom and a fair shot at the American Dream. Tonight they showed us all – we still live in America where everyone is treated with respect and fairness. No one is left behind.”