Strike Disruption Affects Brussels Airlines Flight Schedule

Strike Disruption Affects Brussels Airlines Flight Schedule

Protests Over Pay and Workload at Brussels Airlines

For quite some time now, the cabin crew of Brussels Airlines have been expressing their dissatisfaction over their pay and workload. They made concessions during the corona crisis when the airline was struggling financially. However, now that the financial state of Brussels Airlines has improved, these stewards and flight attendants are demanding a share of the increased profits.

Three-Day Strike by Christian Trade Union

The Christian trade union, which includes the Dutch-speaking central ACV Puls and the French-speaking CNE, has initiated a three-day strike. Despite negotiations with the management on Tuesday, the union could not be dissuaded from their strike plans. The management claims that there is “a comprehensive proposal” on the table and “all unions agree to negotiate further on the basis of this proposal”.

Other Unions Await Further Negotiations

The liberal and socialist unions, in contrast, are not participating in the strike for now. They are waiting for another round of discussions with the management scheduled for Wednesday morning, after which they will decide on their next course of action.

Unrest Among Other Personnel at Lufthansa

There has also been social unrest amongst other personnel categories of Brussels Airlines, including the pilots and ground staff. Additionally, it’s not just at Brussels Airlines where these issues are arising.

At the German parent company Lufthansa, a three-day strike by ground staff is set to commence on Wednesday, initiated by the Verdi union. The strike, which revolves around wages, is expected to have no consequences for passengers.

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