Supreme Court Considers Trump’s Immunity from Prosecution

Supreme Court Considers Trump’s Immunity from Prosecution

The hearings are scheduled to commence towards the end of April.

In the United States, the supreme court, the nation’s highest judicial authority, has decided to tackle the contentious issue of Donald Trump’s potential immunity from criminal prosecution. Trump, the former president of the country, has asserted that he is immune from being prosecuted for any alleged crimes that occurred during his tenure as president.

This potentially highly significant case is set to be heard by the conservative-majority court, with hearings scheduled to start in the week commencing April 22.

Earlier this month, Trump petitioned the country’s highest court, seeking to temporarily halt a ruling by a lower court on his claim of immunity from prosecution.

In a related development, an appeals court had ruled that Trump does not have immunity from prosecution in a case that revolves around attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, which he lost.