Supreme Court Unveils Most Impactful Quotes on Stubble Burning

Supreme Court Unveils Most Impactful Quotes on Stubble Burning

The Supreme Court of India criticized the governments of Punjab and Delhi for their failure to address the issue of stubble burning, which has resulted in severe air pollution in the national capital. In response to petitions regarding this matter, the court made several noteworthy statements. Here are some of the top quotes from the Supreme Court’s remarks on stubble burning:

1. “This is the most polluted November in six years… the problem is known (and) it is your job to control stubble burning. Court’s job is not to tell how you to do it. Its job is to make you do your job.”

2. “The farmer is being made a villain… and he is not being heard from. He must have some reason to burn this stubble.”

3. “Those who have substantial land holdings have access to mechanized harvesting equipment. But people with small lands are struggling with stubble burning. For poor farmers, the state should fund machinery. This is the duty of the state.”

4. “Field visit revealed that out of total stubble fire incidents in Punjab, fine has been imposed only in 20% of the cases. Next time, we want to know about the recovery of fines and have FIRs been against them?”

5. “The land is gradually drying up in Punjab because the water level is decreasing. If the land dries up, everything else will be affected. The farmers should be made to understand the ill-effects of growing paddy.”

The Supreme Court’s strong statements highlight the urgency of addressing stubble burning and its detrimental impact on air quality. The court emphasized the need for effective measures to control this practice, ensure the welfare of farmers, and protect the environment.