Surprise at World Cup: Croatia Versus China in Olympic Games, Aiming to Achieve More!

Surprise at World Cup: Croatia Versus China in Olympic Games, Aiming to Achieve More!

The Croatian water polo national team delivered a striking victory against the Republic of South Africa, finishing with a score of 29-6 in the 3rd round of the World Championship hosted in Doha. This extraordinary performance marked a significant triumph for the Croatian team, demonstrating their skill and determination.

Franko Lazic, the top scorer for Croatia in the match against South Africa with four goals, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s convincing performance. “As expected, convincing, so it’s easier to forget the defeat against Spain,” he said. This victory helped the team move past their previous defeat against Spain in the second round.

Unfortunately, the defeat against Spain in the second round cost the ‘barracudas’ the first place in the group and a direct qualification to the quarter-finals. It also jeopardized their position in the forthcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

‘Barracuda’ against China for the Olympic Games

Despite the setback, there is still a glimpse of hope for our water polo team. They can secure a place in the Olympic Games in Paris by emerging victorious in their next match against China. This is an opportunity they cannot afford to miss, especially after China surprised everyone with their 10-8 win over Brazil.

Lazic emphasized the importance of the upcoming match, saying, “Now we focus immediately on the round of 16. Every match in the fight for the Olympic Games always carries with it a certain pressure, in a subtle way, in the subconscious.” He acknowledged the pressure and the need for the team to simply win in the round of 16.

The team’s captain, Ivan Krapić, who also scored four goals in the match against South Africa, expressed satisfaction with Croatia’s performance. He praised the team for taking the game seriously, despite South Africa not being at the same level. He also stressed the importance of the team’s versatility, flexibility, and maintaining their physical condition.

Krapić concluded his remarks by highlighting the team’s ambition. He said, “We didn’t come here to beat Australia or today-tomorrow Brazil, China, whatever. No, we came here for something more.” This statement encapsulates the team’s drive and determination to aim for the top and not settle for less.