Technician’s Insult Sparks Demand for Apology from En Avant Guingamp

Technician’s Insult Sparks Demand for Apology from En Avant Guingamp

A video that amused many on social media was not well-received by the leaders of En Avant Guingamp. During a live broadcast of a D 1 Arkema women’s football match between Guingamp and Fleury, a technician from the production company responsible for covering the game had a meltdown at the end of the match.

The technician was visibly frustrated by the continuous rain on the Akademi field and the poor working conditions with equipment that was getting soaked. Ten minutes before the end of the match, with Fleury on the pitch, the technician lost his temper and used inappropriate language.

He was heard complaining multiple times about the poor quality of the club, his dislike for the city, vowing never to return, and using a string of expletives. He also asked a colleague to report that the equipment was ruined.

The incident caused quite a stir when the video went viral, prompting the Breton club to take action. Guingamp sent a letter to the French federation requesting that the technician be barred from covering future women’s D 1 matches, claiming his behavior tarnished the image of the sport, especially in Côtes-d’ Armor.

The club also demanded an apology from the production company and the technician to the city, claiming their image was tarnished.

“The club was deeply saddened and appalled to discover the offensive remarks made by an FFF TV technician during the D 1 Arkema Guingamp – FC Fleury 91 match. These disparaging comments about the club and the city of Guingamp led us to write a letter to the French Football Federation,” the club stated in a press release, with reference to former FFF president Noël Le Graët.