The Film Academy to Host Public Short Social Show in June

The Film Academy to Host Public Short Social Show in June

The esteemed Madrid Film Academy is set to open its doors for the Short Social Show, marked on the calendar for the 28th of November. This much-awaited film exhibition is expected to gather a diverse group of individuals including esteemed figures from the global film industry, prominent journalists from the world of film and media, and influential social representatives.

A panel of experts, brought together for their unique insights and discerning tastes, will bear the responsibility of selecting the best films from a pool of over a hundred short films. These films, all carrying a social message, will be evaluated based on their content, presentation, and impact. A significant change in this year’s edition is the introduction of a new feature – the opportunity for film enthusiasts to attend the in-person gala of the 12th edition as an audience, by signing up on a list. The selection of these lucky attendees will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis, making early registration crucial.

The Spanish Volunteering Platform, the brain behind this initiative, is set to coordinate this event and has secured the backing of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. The ultimate purpose of this event is to educate and encourage citizens to actively participate and engage with social issues that are often overlooked in their daily lives.

According to Luciano Poyato, the president of the organization, the short films screened at the event are a representation of the various issues discussed on their platform. He adds, “We are committed to using cinema as a medium to connect with citizens on a deeper level. Through these films, we aim to shed light on the diversity and the different vulnerabilities that exist among us. It is our hope that by doing so, we can inspire viewers to take personal action and get involved.”

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