Three Additional Women Level Sexual Violence Accusations Against Filmmaker Carlos Vermut

Three Additional Women Level Sexual Violence Accusations Against Filmmaker Carlos Vermut

Renowned film director, Carlos Vermut, has recently been accused by three additional women of sexual violence, bringing the total number of accusers to six. The recent accusers are identified as an artist, a cultural manager, and an actress, whose accusations mirror those of the initial three women – a film student, a production employee, and a worker in the cultural sector – all alleging sexual violence perpetrated by the filmmaker.

Spanish newspaper El País has reported the testimonies of these three latest accusers, revealing that the alleged incidents took place between October 2012 and early 2024. The women stated that they did not initially file a complaint due to fears that their stories would not be believed.

One of the accusers alleges that Vermut forced her into sexual intercourse inside his building, despite her clear refusal. She also states that she was coerced into non-consensual anal sex on a separate occasion. The cultural manager, another accuser, alleges that she was forced into a violent sexual encounter involving physical blows, choking, and gagging. The third woman alleges that Vermut, with whom she was in a relationship from spring 2023 until January of the following year, subjected her to acts of violent sex after a period of psychological abuse.

Following these traumatic events, the third woman reached out to the 016 hotline, a service for victims of gender-based violence. She also sought assistance from a comprehensive care center for victims of sexual violence in the Community of Madrid.

As a consequence of the alleged abuse, the woman has been diagnosed with insomnia, hypervigilance, and anxiety. She has also confessed to having had “suicidal thoughts.” She has sought help from an office of the Madrid City Council offering comprehensive care for victims of sexual violence. As reported by El País, the woman has provided sworn statements, corroborating documentary material, and testimonies from acquaintances who can attest to her experiences.