Three Italian Aid Workers Arrested in Tunisia

Three Italian Aid Workers Arrested in Tunisia

Recently, an incident involving three Italian aid workers has come to light in Tunisia. According to information released by the Farnesina, the three individuals, who are associated with the OSC CESVI operations in Tunisia, were apprehended by local authorities. Alongside them, another staff member from CESVI was also detained by the local law enforcement agencies. The reason for this detainment is alleged to be certain irregularities tied to the withdrawal of funds from a local banking institution.

These three aid workers are known to have been engaged in several projects that are currently underway in Libya. It is important to note that the banking system operational in Libya has numerous restrictions in place. These restrictions necessitate periodic withdrawals of money in Tunisia by those who are involved in various operations in Libya and require access to liquid funds.

From the very moment this incident came to light, the Italian Embassy in Tunis has been closely involved, coordinating with the Farnesina to ensure the well-being and support of their fellow countrymen. The Embassy has been in continuous contact with CESVI, and is playing a significant role in providing all the necessary information to the authorities involved in the investigation.

The ultimate aim of this coordinated effort is to facilitate a swift clarification of the situation, and, ideally, to secure the speedy release of all those who have been detained. The hope is that the information provided will be sufficient to satisfy the inquiries of the investigating authorities and pave the way for a quick resolution to this incident.

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