Tkuma Department’s Budget to Fund Subsidies for Returning Evacuees

Tkuma Department’s Budget to Fund Subsidies for Returning Evacuees

The decision regarding the source of funding was made by the government just one day prior to the contract expiration between the government and the hotel association, which had been providing accommodation for evacuees. The decision was made in light of the impending deadline and the need to continue supporting the displaced population.

As reported by Calcalist, a disagreement had emerged between the Ministry of Finance and the Tkuma department. The latter is in charge of the rebuilding efforts in the south, which had been devastated. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in favor of the stance taken by the Ministry of Finance, thus resolving the dispute.

The outcome of this decision led to an additional funding of 600 million shekels being drawn from the budget of the Tkuma department. Should it be revealed at the year’s end that the department lacked sufficient funds, the Ministry of Finance has pledged to supplement it with an additional 300 million shekels.

In the new agreement that is to be signed, the residents of settlements who have yet to receive a green light from the Ministry of Defense to return to their homes will have their hotel accommodations extended. Alternatively, they will receive financial support to cover their stay, which amounts to 200 shekels per day for each adult and 100 shekels for each child.

On the other hand, residents of settlements who have been advised to return to their homes have the option to extend their hotel stay until July 7. They may also opt for a one-time financial aid from the state to facilitate their return. The amount of this aid is set at 15.5 thousand shekels per adult and 8 thousand shekels per child for those returning in March. However, those opting to return in April will receive only half of this amount. The financial aid will be reduced further for those returning in May or June. The per diem financial support for residents staying outside of hotels will be discontinued. They can either accept the return grant and return, or use the money to continue living in their current location until the end of the academic year.