Top 5 best streaming sites!

Jack SteveApril 10, 20214min0

While illegal streaming is in full swing on the internet, many SVOD platforms are popping up every year. Offering Internet users the opportunity to enjoy the best films and series in exchange for a monthly subscription, its streaming sites promote a legal alternative to watching films on the Internet.

How to choose your streaming site?

Faced with a plethora of streaming sites, Internet users can rightly feel lost. Indeed, if they are quick to subscribe to legal streaming sites, the fact remains that for many, the cost of its services remains too high. Few Internet users can subscribe to 2 or 3 SVOD platforms when only one of them costs around 10 euros per month. Realize, over a full year, 3 legal streaming subscriptions cost 360 euros!

To choose the right SVOD platform, it is therefore necessary to take an interest in its catalog. What movies and series are shown on Netflix and fmovies? What are the original Amazon Prime Video programs? What films are shown on OCS? You must ask yourself all these questions before subscribing to a subscription.

If despite this you doubt the offers of these platforms, know that you can take advantage of each of them for a month of free trial. You can also consult search engines to watch movies online which allow you to find out which legal platforms your favorite movies and series are on.

Disney +

Advertised as the largest legal platform ever created, Disney + brings together all the content produced by Disney, as well as that of the many production companies that they have acquired in recent years. There is no doubt that you will find many cult films from the catalog of 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, but also films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is in my eyes the preferred streaming site if you are not interested in series. Indeed, Amazon is not recognized today for the quality of the series that it distributes or produces, but much more for its catalog of films. Where some specialists criticize SVOD platforms for having a limited film catalog, Amazon Prime Video offers thousands of films, including some classics dating from before 1960.


You probably guessed it, but Netflix remains at the top of my ranking of the best streaming sites today. Not that its catalog is perfect, Netflix stands out in my eyes by the finesse of its recommendation algorithm. It’s quite simple, in a few years, it is almost certain that no Netflix user will have the same recommendations as those of their friend, relative or neighbor. Netflix is now able to offer personalized content to its subscribers, and even produces series so that they are sure to work with the public.

Subscribe to Netflix

In short, Netflix is the best legal streaming site, offering a huge range of movies and series. Its interface is nice, its recommendations relevant and its productions popular. Netflix is the epitome of the platform that democratized legal streaming around the world.

Jack Steve