Top Manager Loses 154,000 Euros in Attempt to Buy Out Call Girls

Top Manager Loses 154,000 Euros in Attempt to Buy Out Call Girls

The Red Light Trial – Klaus F. Deceived by Prostitutes and Pimp

In a recent court hearing in Hannover, the story of VW manager Klaus F. (59, name changed for privacy reasons) unfolded. Klaus F. had to endure over three hours of questioning, where he was asked to divulge intimate details about his relationship with prostitutes. These women are now on trial, accused of swindling him out of around 154,000 euros.

Klaus F. expressed a certain level of bitterness as he described the young women as “great actresses”. He saw himself as a benevolent “sugar daddy”, whose kindness was cruelly taken advantage of. He was even willing to spend an enormous amount of money to help them escape their circumstances.

During this period, Klaus F. had relationships with multiple young women. These women supposedly manipulated him, faked affection, and ultimately drained his finances.

His involvement with these women started after his first sexual encounter with a woman named Jule R., who was only 19 at the time. Over time, he formed relationships with three other young women, who were friends of Jule R. Each of these women claimed to have financial issues which Klaus F. willingly helped to resolve.

In a dramatic twist, these women told him that they were being forced to work in brothels by ruthless gang members, including an aggressive Arab clan. To free them from this life of torment, they claimed each needed 20,000 euros. Involving the police was not an option, they insisted.

Klaus F. Saw His Payments as Loans

Klaus F. explained, “I didn’t want to abandon them, but I also didn’t want to get involved in their troubles. I had no interest in confronting these gang members after a long day at work. To me, 20,000 euros is a small price to pay for a human life. Otherwise, they would have continued to be brutalized.” He viewed the money he gave them as a loan.

However, after he transferred the substantial sum of money, his relationships with these women started to deteriorate and their meetings became less frequent. Eventually, he was informed by someone in their community that he had been deceived by these women, who were now aged between 20 and 22.

Upon discovering the truth, Klaus F. reported the matter to the police. “Most of the money was obtained through deceit. I want it back,” he declared during the trial.

The full extent of the deception was revealed later: the mastermind behind the scheme was Jasam K. (33), a German-Iraqi from Stadthagen in Lower Saxony.

Jasam K. confessed in court that he had orchestrated the fraud. He admitted to forcing and exploiting these young women into prostitution – which is officially permitted from the age of 21.

The trial continues on February 15th.

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