Topi Rönni Presented in Court

Topi Rönni Presented in Court

Topi Rönni, a player in the SM league hockey team, Tappara, is currently facing a rape charge in the Helsinki district court. The court hearing started at 9 AM on Tuesday and is being conducted behind closed doors for privacy reasons.

Rönni, who is 19 years old, was seen exiting the court for a brief recess a little before 11 AM. When approached for a comment on the ongoing proceedings, he declined to make any statement. “Thanks, I don’t want to comment at this point,” was his response.

The incident under investigation happened in Helsinki during the summer of 2021. At the time of the alleged crime, Rönni was still a minor.

Topi Rönni appeared to be deep in thought during the break in the court session.

Rönni is well known in the Finnish junior national team. He has represented Finland in global championships including the under-18 and under-20 World Championships. To date, he has participated in a total of 64 SM league regular season matches as part of Tappara.

However, due to the ongoing criminal proceedings, Rönni has been temporarily removed from participating in national team activities.

Further to his accomplishments, Rönni was drafted in the second round by the NHL club, Calgary Flames, in 2022.