Two World Championship Fights Unfold in Vienna

Two World Championship Fights Unfold in Vienna

World Championship Boxing Match Featuring Michaela Kotaskova and Nicole Wesner

Mark your calendars for an exciting event in the world of boxing. On April 6th, Vienna will host a thrilling championship fight between Michaela Kotaskova and Nicole Wesner. Both fighters are preparing to put their skills to the test for a world championship belt.

Michaela Kotaskova: Training with the Best

The contracts have been signed and preparations are underway. The strongest woman at the Bounce boxing club, Michaela Kotaskova, has a date set for April 6th at the prestigious Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna. She will compete in the WBF Welterweight World Championship. Her opponent is the seasoned fighter, Erica Juana Gabriela Alvarez, hailing from Argentina.

Currently, Kotaskova is in Chicago, USA, where she is training with the reigning and multiple world champion, Jessica McCaskill. She is taking this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. “I am a huge fan of Jessica. Sparring with her is the best lesson I can have. It’s an honor to be able to train with someone like that,” the 32-year-old expresses her excitement about her training camp.

Nicole Wesner: Defending her World Title

After the original fight scheduled for December 2nd had to be canceled due to her opponent falling ill, Nicole Wesner is now preparing to step into the ring this April to defend her world title. “I’m happy that I can box my world championship fight again on Bounce Fight Night. An elegant setting and a great atmosphere ensure a great boxing evening,” she shares enthusiastically.

Her adversary for the 10-round match is the Serbian fighter, Nina Pavlovic. Pavlovic, an experienced martial artist, has more than 160 fights under her belt in boxing and kickboxing. She also holds the title of European champion in kickboxing. For the 46-year-old Wesner, this will mark her 20th professional fight, with an impressive record of 19 fights – 18 wins – 1 loss.

Moreover, the Bounce Fight Night will also see the return of Son Salami, Mobin Kahraze, and Stefan Nikolic in the ring, making it an event that boxing fans won’t want to miss.

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