Ukrainian Couple Perishes in Russian Bombing of Sumy Region Home

Ukrainian Couple Perishes in Russian Bombing of Sumy Region Home

A tragic event unfolded on a Monday morning when a Ukrainian couple lost their lives due to an airstrike carried out by the Russian Army. The town of Junakiv, situated in the Sumy region of Northeast Ukraine, was the target of this bombing. Adding to the devastation of the loss, a residential building was also obliterated in the attack. This unfortunate incident took place just a few days after the two-year mark of Russia’s invasive actions in Ukraine.

The military authorities of the Sumy region released a statement on their Facebook social network account, communicating the horrific details of the event. The statement read, “Russian terrorists have yet again demonstrated their disregard for civilian lives by committing a terrible crime in the Sumy region. On February 26, at 2:15 a.m. local time, they executed an airstrike on the Junakiv community. The attack resulted in four recorded explosions. A couple, who were at their home during the incident, unfortunately, could not survive the attack.”

The attack not only resulted in the destruction of a building but also caused significant damage to five other residential properties. On the previous day, the Dnipropetrovsk region in Eastern Ukraine also experienced the brunt of Russian bombings, leading to the death of one person and injuring four others.

The timing of these attacks is significant as they occurred right after the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, marked on February 24, 2022. Just a week prior, Ukrainian troops had withdrawn from Avdiivka, one of the main sites of this ongoing war, along with the contentious Kupiansk front.

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