US Congressman Criticizes Hamas for Assault on Israel

US Congressman Criticizes Hamas for Assault on Israel

US Congressman Derrick Van Orden has condemned Hamas for its attack on Israel, calling it the “most horrific and barbaric sight” he has witnessed. Van Orden, who recently visited Israel, expressed his views on Hamas through a post on X (formerly Twitter), where he referred to them as enemies of peace and argued against sending aid to Gaza. The Congressman, who served in the Navy for 26 years, with 22 of those as a Navy Seal, compared the aftermath of the attack to “ISIS times 1,000,” stating that the level of slaughter was unprecedented since the Holocaust.

Van Orden strongly criticized Hamas operatives, labeling them as “savages” and “beasts” for deliberately targeting children. He revealed that these operatives were instructed to mutilate their victims by cutting off their limbs, describing the situation as gut-wrenching.

Furthermore, Van Orden voiced his disapproval of the Biden administration’s decision to provide $100 million in humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, the region from which Hamas launched the attack.

In response to the Hamas attack, Israel retaliated forcefully, with tanks briefly entering the outskirts of Gaza City. The Israeli military reported striking over 600 targets within 24 hours, an increase from the previous day’s 450 targets. This marked one of the most intense days since the conflict began on October 7, when Hamas militants crossed into Israel, initiating a killing spree.

Although the tanks remained in the area for just over an hour, the impact was evident as craters on the road made it temporarily unusable. However, normalcy quickly resumed, with cars returning to the highway and driving on the verge where necessary.

The situation continues to develop, and the world awaits further responses from involved parties.