Valencia Blocks Netflix From Filming Vinícius Documentary at Mestalla Stadium

Valencia Blocks Netflix From Filming Vinícius Documentary at Mestalla Stadium

Valencia CF, a leading football club in LaLiga, has made a firm decision to deny the popular streaming giant, Netflix, access to their homeground, Mestalla, for the upcoming LaLiga EA Sports match against Real Madrid. This decision directly impacts the ongoing documentary about the talented Brazilian forward, Vinícius Jr., which Netflix had intended to capture footage for during the match.

Reliable sources close to Valencia CF have shared with Europa Press that the club has communicated their decision to LaLiga, the governing body that handles match accreditations. Specifically, Valencia CF will not grant stadium access to the cameras from Conspiraçao Filmes, a Brazilian production company that has been working on the documentary about the Real Madrid striker for several weeks now.

The motivation behind this move is Valencia’s desire to maintain control over their club’s image. They wish to avoid any mishandling of footage taken from the stands that could potentially tarnish the reputation of the club. This concern arises in the wake of a controversy during last year’s match when Carlo Ancelotti’s team visited Mestalla.

On May 21, 2023, during that game, Vinícius Jr. was subjected to racial slurs from a section of Valencia fans present at the stadium. This regrettable incident led to the arrest of three individuals. Carlo Ancelotti, in a press conference, accused the entire stadium of racism and alleged that the fans had hurled the racial slur ‘monkey’ at him, although the insult heard was ‘stupid’.

In addition to this, Vinícius Jr., during the trial for the aforementioned incident in October, stated that the racial chants were not confined to a specific section of the stands but were widespread. This statement led to Valencia CF demanding a clarification from the Brazilian international.