Venue Unknown for Event

Venue Unknown for Event

The Tapiola festival, which has been sold out for the last two years at the Tapiola sports park, announced its first performers on Friday and the start of ticket sales on February 16. The festival is scheduled to take place on August 16th and 17th. The performers include Ronan Keating, Haloo Helsinki, WrapperDon Bad, and Gettomasa.

Interestingly, neither the festival’s announcement or its website mentions the exact location of the event. Despite its name, the Tapiola festival will not be held in the Tapiola sports park or in Tapiola this year. According to Espoo city event manager Lea Rintala, no large public events will be held at the Tapiola sports park next summer due to the preparations for a long-awaited stadium project. Furthermore, she states that the Tapiola festival has not been permitted to take place in Tapiola or elsewhere in Espoo.

The event’s publicist, Tomi Lindblom, confirms that the festival will not be held at the Tapiola sports park or elsewhere in Tapiola due to the lack of a similarly sized venue. He reveals that the event will take place somewhere in Espoo, with negotiations currently underway for potential venues. Despite the uncertainty of the location, the organizers wanted to announce the high-profile performers and start selling tickets earlier rather than later. The name of the festival will remain the Tapiola festival as it continues the legacy of the previous two years’ festivals.

The Tapiola festival is organized by Kalle Keskinen’s Loud n’ Live Promotions, a company that faced financial difficulties and uncertainties last year. The company filed for bankruptcy three times last year, but all applications were withdrawn. In January 2024, Loud n’ Live announced that it had entered corporate restructuring, which, according to a press release, guarantees the company’s peace of mind for the full realization of the current year’s concerts and festivals.

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