Voting is Prohibited for Christians

Voting is Prohibited for Christians

The Catholic bishops have urged their followers to distinguish clearly between right-wing extremism and nationalistic ideology.

In a joint statement presented by Bishop Georg Bätzing, head of the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK), they stated, “The principles of ethnic nationalism do not align with the Christian perspective on God and humanity. As such, right-wing extremist parties and those that align with this ideology are neither appropriate platforms for Christians to participate in political activities nor suitable for election.”

The statement went on to assert, “Promotion of right-wing extremist beliefs, especially racism and anti-Semitism, is also inconsistent with any form of service, whether full-time or voluntary, within the church.”

No place in this mindset

The bishops extended their plea to the general public, stating, “We call upon our fellow citizens, even those who do not share our faith, to reject the political ideologies offered by the far-right. This mindset is incompatible with those who wish to reside in a free and democratic society.”

Bätzing noted the current polls indicating the AfD (Alternative for Germany) posing a significant threat to becoming the dominant party in the forthcoming elections in three eastern German states. He emphasized the necessity of the Catholic Church to adopt a clear stance.

In their statement, the bishops assert, “After several instances of radicalization, the AfD now harbors an ethnic-nationalist stance. The party fluctuates between outright right-wing extremism, which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution attributes to certain state associations and the party’s youth organization, and right-wing populism, which is less radical and fundamental.”